M51 self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner
M51 self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner
M51 self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner
M51 self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner
M51 self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner
M51 self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner

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M51 self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner

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1.Sweeping, suction, mopping, dust collection, self-cleaning, drying, sterilization, constant humidity mopping, hot water 2.mopping, automatic addition of cleaning liquid 11 in 1, all-around cleaning
3.10s quick garbage collection, 3.5L large capacity dust bag, daily cleaning can be done for 60 days without dumping
4.Advanced laser navigation technology, precise positioning, intelligent path planning
5.Dual rotation biomimetic floor cleaning technology, professional level cleaning
6.Automatic lifting mop, precise floor mopping, caring for carpets
7.Intelligent obstacle avoidance, complex environment, calmly facing
8.Electric control water tank, precise water discharge, efficient floor mopping
9.APP control, intelligent and efficient
10.180min ultra long endurance, low battery automatic recharge, free cleaning without power outage

Product Paramenter

Function LDS+ Self-cleaning Station
Navigation  LDS
Obstacle avoidance LDS+infrared
Carpet detection (carpet turbo) Ultrasonic sensor
Vacuum cleaning Fan 6000Pa 
Dustbox capacity 400ml
Water tank type Electric water tank (dismountable)
Detergent application Yes
Water tank capacity 230ml
Mop type Dual spin mop (Liftable )
Cleaning modes  Auto, spot, schedule, zig-zag
Schedule cleaning  Yes
Charging mode Auto/Manual
Input voltage 24V
Input current 1.0A
Operation current 1.5A
Li-ion Battery 5200mAh/ 14.4V
Working time 180min
Charging Time  5H
Cleaning area (1 charge) 400m²
Cliff Sensor 4PCS
Driving Wheel  Brushless Motor
Driving Wheel Suspension Sensor  Yes
Anticollision Mechanical Sensor 2PCS
Anticollision Electric Sensor 10PCS
Edge sensor LDS+1 TOF sensor
Infrared Receiving Sensor 6PCS
Main body size 350×350×97
Mop Self Cleaning Yes
Mop Drying Duration 2H set thru App
Hot Wind Temperature 40-45
Automatic addition  cleaning solution Optional
Detachable cleaning tray YES
Hot water washing mop YES
Automatic Water Refill of Robot Water Tank Yes
433 communication module  Yes
Water Electrolysis Optional
Capacity of Dust Bag 3.5L
Capacity of Clean Tank 4L
Capacity of Sewage Tank 4L
APP AmareyBot/Smart Life
Map mode smart map
APP No-go Area Setting  Yes
Target area cleaning/ PIN N GO Yes
Resume cleaning Yes
Zone cleaning Yes

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