M20m robot vacuum cleaner
M20m robot vacuum cleaner
M20m robot vacuum cleaner
M20m robot vacuum cleaner
M20m robot vacuum cleaner
M20m robot vacuum cleaner
M20m robot vacuum cleaner
M20m robot vacuum cleaner
M20m robot vacuum cleaner
M20m robot vacuum cleaner
M20m robot vacuum cleaner

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M20m robot vacuum cleaner

Sale price$120.00
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Product Paramenter

Funtion Vacuum + Mop
Navigation Technology Laser SLAM
Detect Obstacle Yes
Anti-collision Technology Bumping Sensor
Anti-Dropping Cliff Sensor
Hardware Virtual Boundary Support Software No-go Zone
Multi Floor Maps Yes
Max Vaccum Power 3000Pa (Option:4000pa)
Auto Boost Carpet Boost
Dust Box Capacity 250ml
Water Tank Capacity 310mL
Nominal Capactiy 2600mAh (Option:3200mAh/5000mAh)
Cleaning Area (hard floor) ≥120㎡
Runtime (hard floor) ≥120min
Charge time ≤6h
APP APP (Tuya)
Works with Smart Speaker

Google Assistant,
Other can customize


Products Description

Precise LIDAR Navigation & ZigZag Cleaning
The intelligent LIDAR of the robotic vacuum cleaner ensures full cleaning coverage, accurately maps the home, effectively detects and avoids objects in its path, and provides efficient path planning for multi-room cleaning. Z-shaped zigzag cleaning can avoid missing cleaning and greatly improve cleaning efficiency with its high cleaning coverage.
3-in-1 Sweeping, Vacuuming, and Mopping 
A 3-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner, it supports simultaneous sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. A large 310ml water tankand 3 water flow levels can be easily and flexibly adjusted,to meet your cleaning needs. Equipped with a peristaltic pump, it provides a more even water flow. The rear-pull mop bracket makes it more convenient to use.
Deeper Cleaning at Your Need
The M20m robot vacuum cleaner has a strong vacuum power of 4000Pa, which can easily suck up pet hair, dirt, and dust from the floor. 4-level power adjustment meets various cleaning needs. Auto-boost technology automatically adjusts the vacuum power when cleaning the carpet. Very suitable for hard floors, tiles, marble, carpets, and other floors.
Support to Save 5 Maps
The robotic vacuums adopts advanced multi-map technology, save up to 5 maps. You can customize the cleaning schedule for different floors according to your own needs,avoiding repeating the mapping process every time you change floors. (Note: The maps are stored in the cleaning record of App)
Schedule Cleaning
You can view the cleaning route map in real-time, make a 7-day schedule cleaning, adjust the vacuum power, personalize the settings and reminders, etc.
Set No-Go & No-Mop Zone
You can also set up No-Go zone, so you only can clean wherever you want.
Anti-Collision and Falling
The robot vacuum's anti-fall sensor detects steps higher than 10 cm and prevents it from falling. In addition, the robot is equipped with anti-collision sensors, which can detect obstacles and prevent them from colliding with furniture.
Recharge and Resume
When the robot vacuum cleaner is running out of power, it will automatically return to the charging base for charging and will return to the place where it just stopped to continue cleaning, thus realizing full-coverage auto cleaning efficiently.

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